青森县是拥有富饶自然的本州岛最北端之地。此地区为日本屈指可数的豪雪地带,其独特的美景与文化颇具魅力。弘前的樱花、青森的佞武多、奥入濑溪流的红叶与八甲田山的树挂令其四季都充满乐趣。Aomori is the northernmost prefecture in Honshu. One of the snowiest areas in Japan, it boasts abundant nature and four distinct beautiful seasons. With each season, one can enjoy unique sights including the cherry blossoms in Hirosaki during spring, the Nebuta Festival in summer, the autumn leaves at Oirase Gorge and the snow monsters (frost-covered trees) on the Hakkoda Mountain range.