幅員遼闊,是本州最大的縣,壯美的海岸線延伸至無邊無際。在世界遺產「平泉」,於平安末期興盛一時、華麗莊嚴的佛教文化至今仍完好保留著,令無數人為之著迷。岩手也擁有豐富的傳統文化,如南部鐵器及秀衡塗等等。Iwate is the biggest prefecture in Honshu and has endless beautiful coastlines. A glorious buddhist culture which flourished at the end of the Heian era still remains and captivates visitors in Hiraizumi, which is a world heritage. There is also a lot of traditional culture such as Nanbu ironware and Hidehira-nuri.