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  • MATSUSHIMA miyagi japan


    Matsushima is a place of scenic beauty in Tohoku and is known as one of the three great views of Japan. There are around 260 islands in Matsushima Bay which forms an intricate and elegant scenery. Matsushima is also known as a scenic spot for seeing the moon which creates a stunning evening view of light and shadow.

  • ZUIHODEN MAUSOLEUM miyagi japan


    This is the mausoleum of Date Masamune, a Sendai feudal lord also known as Dokuganryu Masamune. Appearing between lush Japanese cedars, the luxurious mausoleum with strong Momoyama cultural influences is impressive.

  • OKAMA miyagi japan


    A crater lake in the highest area of Zao Mountain Range, Okama’s emerald green water is mystic. The color of the water changes over time and strongly draws the eye.

  • JODOGAHAMA BEACH iwate japan


    The main scenic spot along the Sanriku Coast. Picturesque scenery featuring green pine trees, white rock faces, and the blue ocean is truly a "Gokurakujodo (Land of Perfect Bliss)." Ride on a Sappa Boat (small fishing boat) to the Blue Cave where the cobalt blue water is as beautiful as jewels.

  • GENBI GORGE iwate japan


    Various dynamic views of waterfalls, potholes, unique rocks and abyss in the gorge created by Iwai River can be seen. Experiencing the delivery of a local specialty called “Flying Dumplings” from the opposite shore via rope is also a must.

  • MOTSUJI TEMPLE iwate japan


    Motsuji Temple is a World Heritage Site that was constructed in the Heian Period. It includes a “Pure Land Garden” that represents the world of the Buddha. In the lake that takes up much of the garden, Buddhist paradise is represented with strings of jewels, gemstones, and dry gardens with artificial hills.