日本东北地区在地形上实际上是南北向的狭长土地,因此,从4月上旬到5月上旬这段时期里,大家可以长时间欣赏到樱花的身影。当雪水融化,滋润了土壤,漫山遍野山花烂漫的景象宛如画卷一般呈现在你面前。这一地区的赏樱佳期,通常为每年4月中旬到5月上旬,很多游客都专门赶在这一期间来日本赏樱呢。With its extended geographical length from south to north, Tohoku allows visitors to enjoy cherry blossoms from early April all the way to early May. Abounding with water from the melted snow, mountain hamlets burst with scenes of blooming flowers as pretty as a painting. Many visitors time their trips to coincide with the cherry blossom season, which usually lasts from mid-April to early May.